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Circulation & Memory

Circulation & Memory

  • Herbs To Support Mental Alertness And Memory

    Have you got a lot going on and find it difficult to concentrate?  Herbs might be able to come to your rescue.  The following herbs may help boost cognitive functions like memory, learning and concentration.

    Herbs to support mental alertness and memory Herbs to support mental alertness and memory

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  • Benefits of Coenzyme Q10

    What is CoQ10?

    CoQ10 To Improve the Quality of Life

    CoQ10 is a powerful nutrient, vital for heart health & the production of energy, it is a vitamin-like nutrient that is naturally produced by our bodies. It is considered an important nutrient because it’s needed as part of our body’s process of producing energy; a reaction that happens within every cell of our bodies. Because of this, it’s actually considered the spark plug for cellular energy. It enables the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the compound our bodies use to provide energy for all metabolic processes.

    What are the benefits of CoQ10?

    As well as its role in energy production, CoQ10 also provides powerful antioxidant benefits. It’s free radical scavenging ability helps to decrease the damaging effects of oxidative stress and helps regenerate vitamin E to its antioxidant form by transforming it from the oxidised form back to the reduced form, to further enhance the body’s antioxidant activity.

    These antioxidant effects of CoQ10 also extend to helping protect LDL cholesterol – commonly referred to as ‘bad cholesterol’ - from the potential damage of oxidation.

    This heart-friendly nutrient also has the ability to help support healthy cardiovascular function, and may help support a healthy immune system.

    As we age, our body’s natural production of CoQ10 begins to decline, and as such, supplementation may be useful to assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing in the elderly. There are some medications that may lower the body’s natural production of CoQ10. For further advice we recommend that you speak with your healthcare practitioner.


    • Provides nutritional support for a healthy cardiovascular system
    • Energises at the cellular level
    • Acts as a powerful antioxidant against the effects of harmful free radicals
    • Helps protect LDL cholesterol from damaging oxidation

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