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  • Should I eat Raw foods for healthy skin?

    Raw foods Raw foods

    If you’re looking for ways to try and achieve clear skin, you could consider incorporating raw foods into your diet. Raw foods will benefit all the organs of your body, especially the largest organ, the skin.

    When adding more raw foods to your diet, it may only take three weeks to notice some positive changes in your complexion. Here are five reasons to start incorporating more raw foods into your skin-friendly regime.

    1. Raw foods have more enzymes than cooked foods.

    Enzymes help repair skin cells and are crucial for all of the body's biochemical reactions. Without enzymes in your diet, toxins can build up, dulling your complexion and decreasing the renewal of skin cells, leading to accelerated aging.

    Between the loss of water and high temperatures when cooking produce, many of the natural enzymes are destroyed. By eating raw food, you're able to absorb more enzymes to help metabolic processes. This is not to say cooking should be avoided entirely. Cooking assists in the absorption of important vitamins and minerals in produce such as tomatoes and carrots, but most greens should be consumed raw or cooked at a low temperature to preserve enzymes.

    The best greens for your skin's health are radicchio, arugula, dandelion, watercress, swiss chard, and kale. Some other great enzyme-rich foods are pineapple and fermented foods such as pickled vegetables.

    2. Raw foods are rich in phytoestrogens.

    Phytoestrogens, which are found in plant foods, mimic the effects of oestrogen. Some studies have shown that this helps the appearance of skin by slowing down the loss of collagen and elastin.

    Foods that are rich in phytoestrogens include raw flaxseeds, green beans, nut and seeds, and pomegranates. Flaxseed contains the most lignins, a phytoestrogen that is highly anti-inflammatory.

    3. Raw foods assist your liver.

    The liver helps to detoxify the body, so it is important to look after it when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. When the liver becomes overloaded, it can eliminate excess toxins through the skin, messing with your complexion.

    Raw foods make the liver work less than animal products because they don't contain toxins, hormones or antibiotics. Raw foods also have good amounts of fibre, water, antioxidants, and nutrients that help the liver function.

    The best raw foods for the liver are garlic, lemon, beetroot, onion, bitter greens, and apples. These foods promote bile function to assist in the removal of toxins. These foods can be easily incorporated into your diet through salad dressings or smoothies.

    4. Raw foods contain a lot of water.

    In order to have healthy skin, it is important to hydrate from the inside out. Because the skin is about 64% water, hydration is one of the most important factors in avoiding aging skin.

    A lot of water is lost in cooked produce. Because of this, eating raw foods actually increases your hydration because you are able to benefit from the water in the foods. Also, soaking raw foods such as nuts and seeds in water to increase their water concentration will have a direct positive result on your skin.

    While drinking water is the easiest way to hydrate, some raw foods that have a high water content are watermelon, cucumber, celery, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, and green cabbage.

    5. Raw foods are rich in fibre.

    Increasing your intake of fibre sweeps the intestines of unwanted debris and is a great way to flush out your system.

    Some raw foods that include a healthy amount of fibre are flaxseed meal, chia meal, almonds, raspberries, and wheat bran. They fibre and omega-3s in these foods work wonders to make the skin healthy. The benefit of chia and flax in particular is that they do not tend to cause bloating, as other sources of fibre may do.

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