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  • Signs You Might Be Deficient In Vitamin D

    PV-Vitamin-D-DeficiencySymptoms of Low vitamin D
    Getting enough vitamin D is crucial to keeping your body healthy. But how do you know when you are lacking in vitamin D? There are a few telltale signs that your body is not getting the vitamin D you need to function optimally.

    If you have increased hair loss, you may have a low vitamin D level. Check the drain after a shower. If you see increasing amounts of hair loss in the bottom of the shower, you may have a vitamin D deficiency.

    Decreased levels of vitamin D can lead to decreased strength in your bones, making you susceptible to sore joints, bone weakness and osteoporosis. If you have suffered from several fractures or have bone or joint pain, it might be worth having your vitamin D levels checked.

    A reduced immune function and cognitive impairment may occur when vitamin D levels are low.

    What Causes vitamin D Deficiency?

    While sunscreen helps  to protect our skin, it also blocks the sun’s rays from giving you vitamin D. You should definitely avoid direct sun for long periods of time when UV rays are at their strongest, but you could try to leave the sun block off your skin for a brief time, say 10 minutes per day late in the afternoon or early in the morning, and soak up some vitamin D. How long and what time of day you expose your skin depends on where you live and your skin type.

    If you are dark skinned or live in colder climates that receive less sun, you are exposed to less vitamin D through sunshine. If you have a job indoors or are home bound, you are not exposed to sunshine. In these cases, you are more likely have a vitamin D deficiency. Lactose intolerant people or strict vegans may not get enough vitamin D from the foods they eat.

    How Can You Get More vitamin D?

    Sunshine is the primary way to get vitamin D. But you may not be able to spend enough the time in the sun to get your vitamin D levels up. In that case, be sure to consume foods that contain vitamin D. Foods high in vitamin D include milk, fish, cod liver oil and dairy products. Vitamin D supplements are also available to help you stay healthy and keep your levels up.

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