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Support your body’s natural energy levels with COQ10

COQ10Whether you’re concerned about maintaining your heart health, supporting your body’s natural energy levels, or just getting the benefits of one of nature’s greatest antioxidant nutrients, chances are you’ve considered adding a bottle of co-enzyme Q10 capsules to your vitamin drawer.

But as with any supplement, there’s more to choosing the right Q10 than you can tell from the front of the bottle – so make sure you choose the real thing! Almost unheard of outside scientific circles just a decade ago, co-enzyme Q10 has become one of the most popular nutritional supplement ingredients in Australia.


The reason for Q10’s popularity varies from person to person. It’s a powerful antioxidant, which means that it can help our bodies to fight off the damaging effects of chemicals known as free radicals. Free radicals are common in the environment, and can be caused by pollution, but they are also by-products of our own metabolism, and thus form within our bodies. They are often linked to ageing, and cause a form of “wear and tear” at the cellular level known as oxidative stress.


But Q10 is also much more than an antioxidant. It’s sometimes known as “nature’s spark plug”, because it is so important for energy production within the body. In individual cells, Q10 is found naturally in the mitochondria – the “energy centre” that helps fuel nearly all bodily processes.

Heart Health:

For many of Q10’s fans, though, the best thing about Q10 is the support it provides for heart health. Q10 can help to optimise normal, healthy heart function. It can also prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which makes it an excellent part of a lifelong heart-health plan. With this in mind, Q10 is often combined with other heart-friendly nutrients like omega-3 fish oil and vitamin E.

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